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process success

Definition, implementation and roll-out of product lifecycle management (PLM) and related processes such as change- and configuration management.


Initiatives like mindfulness, to support your colleagues and employees to feel good, stay healthy and be motivated; An important factor for their happiness and your organization's success.


Training and coaching to guide and support your personal development and growth toward awareness. To live your full potential and experience more joy. 

Awareness is the greatest agent for change

- Eckhart Tolle -

About me in short

My name is Bas van Goch. In April 2023 I started as a freelancer. I provide consultancy services in product lifecycle management (PLM), and I am also active in mindfulness and awareness as a trainer and coach, within companies and for individuals. I have a technical background and have worked for many years as an engineer in the high-tech and manufacturing industry.

From my own experience, I know what (young) technical professionals encounter and are dealing with. At work, we are challenged to change our way of working to become more efficient whilst still meeting the demands of consumers and regulations. At home and in life, we are faced with the struggles for finding balance, meaning and true happiness.

My mission is to guide and support others to find their way toward awareness and to make their business and personal process a success.

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Certification received from:

Vereniging Voor indfulness