Mindfulness and awareness for organizations

Your employees are your company's most valuable asset. Their well-being and vitality are of utmost importance for success. No matter what size the business is, success is the result of continuous hard and smart efforts put in by happy and valued employees.

Fortunately more and more companies realize this, and pay attention to sustainable employability.
A healthy mind contributes greatly to more happiness at work and less stress.

As trainer and coach I offer services to help your employees to:

  • optimize focus and concentration
  • deal with stress and act in stressful situations in a better way
  • improve their work/life balance
  • be more resilient in the face of adversity and difficulties
  • have more fulfilling relationships and better collaboration with others
  • be more positive and motivated
  • live more in line with their core values and passion

I offer Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBE) training and other mindfulness related activities and workshops. It is also possible to develop custom trainings, workshops or other events to match the needs of your organization and employees. 

Mindfulness training

The Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBE) method (by Bridgeman) is based on Google's Search Inside Yourself program. MBE is accredited by the Dutch Association for Mindfulness (VVM). The combination of mindfulness application, scientific substantiation, and the development of emotional intelligence characterizes the method. This makes it very suitable for delivery in a professional context within organizations.

Tailor made
for your organization

It is also possible to develop a specific offer based on the needs of your organization and employees. This can be made as small and large as desired. From short periodic sessions, or specific workshops, to an annual program. The offer will be based on proven methods like the MBE program and supported where necessary by expert trainers and coaches from my network.
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About me and my experience

I was in my thirties when I started with mindfulness myself. At that time I was struggling with certain challenges in my life. I was doubting if I was heading in the right direction, struggling with living up to expectations, and questioning the use of it all. Mindfulness and meditation have helped me find a better balance, more focus and direction, become more resilient, reconnect with myself, have more fun, and just be happier. I found more motivation and meaning in my job, I became more present, showed more strength and resilience, and dared to indicate my boundaries.

I see many others that are dealing with the same struggles and challenges which I was facing. Especially (young) professionals in dynamic high-tech environments. Because mindfulness has helped me so much, I developed a desire to share this with others. Within Lightyear I was given the chance to follow education to become a certified mindfulness meditation trainer and deliver training to groups of colleagues.

I am very happy and grateful that I had that opportunity. Now that I have become self-employed, I enjoy continuing to help and support others on their paths to growth and awareness.

In 2022 I trained 4 groups within Lightyear in Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence (MBE), with 60 attendees in total. I followed my education with Bridgeman and obtained my Mindfulness meditation trainer certification in June 2022. On my path, I have followed Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) training and was educated in Zen and Vipassana meditation. I am still actively working on my growth and development by attending various workshops, events, and training regularly.

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